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Working Together with Employees

Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings, Taisho Pharmaceutical and Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical are working together with their employees to create better working environments with the aim of aligning our mission as stated in our corporate philosophy with our objective of achieving the self-expression of our employees.

Employment and Employee Development

In recent years, society wants every employee to grow as a corporate professional who is independent, contributes to corporate results, is valuable to their company and is a human resource with value for society, which are factors necessary to enable companies to fulfill their social responsibilities. The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group is working to create an employee support framework that respects individuality.

Initiatives to Promote Engagement of Female Employees

The Group, as one of its fundamental ideas, “the building of a foundation and environment that engages high-level talent, regardless of gender,” is proceeding with initiatives to achieve the goal set out by the government to private companies, requiring “female workers to hold 15% of management level positions (section chief equivalent or higher) by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.”
As of April 2017, the proportion of female employees in the Group was 25.4%, while the proportion of female managers was 12.1%, with a relatively high 24.5% at research centers. Compared with five years ago, the percentage of women employed at the management level has increased 3.7%, and as of April 2016, one female officer was appointed as a director.
First, we aim to reach a percentage of females at the management level of 13% by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, by continuing to maintain an environment where highly motivated women can continue to be engaged, promoting training for the purpose of employee awareness, and expanding support measures.

Systems to Support Working while Providing Childcare and Nursing Care Childcare and Nursing Care

We are providing support that allows employees to continue to work alongside their family commitments such as childcare and nursing care. This support includes the Flex Work Childcare System, which employees can use until their children complete their sixth year of elementary school, Babysitting Fee Assistance, the introduction of our e-Learning System that can be used while on parental leave, and a Care Leave system.
As of March 31, 2017, a total of 54 employees were using the Childcare Leave System of Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings and Taisho Pharmaceutical, and 167 employees were using our Reduced Working Hour Childcare System.

Employing Seniors

Amid rising societal demands to proactively use the capabilities of seniors, we have introduced a re-employment system that allows employees to keep working until age 65. As of March 31, 2017, a total of 141 people were working under this system at Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings and Taisho Pharmaceutical.
In addition, we are addressing the revised Acton Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons. Moreover, we have introduced a performance linked compensation system to further motivate re-employed personnel.

Total Life Plan Workshops

We help employees with life planning by conducting Total Life Plan Workshops at various life stages (four years after entering the company, and ages 32, 42, 54 and 58) to give employees opportunities to concretely review their life plans and goals.

Relationship with Unions

The Taisho Pharmaceutical Labor Union and the Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical Labor Union had a total of 1,976 members as of March 31, 2017. With shared recognition that sound corporate operation results in stable employment of workers and improved lifestyles, the unions and management aim to create meaningful work environments. The unions’ social contribution activities encompass raising money, making donations and energetically participating in various forums.

Eradication of Traffic Accidents

We conduct initiatives to rigorously promote safe driving and to eradicate traffic accidents. We strive to raise awareness among employees driving business vehicles that they are not only members of the Taisho Pharmaceutical Group, but that they also always bear a social responsibility. We work to educate and train employees about their driving skills, as well as heighten their safety awareness.
In addition to our existing awareness-raising activities, we have started to reduce the occurrence of accidents, including by the introduction of business vehicles that are fully replete with safety features and equipment. We will continue our initiatives to rigorously eradicate the occurrence of accidents.

Safety Confirmation System

We have introduced a system that can quickly confirm the safety of employees in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake. For disaster response, we recognize that it is important to be prepared both on a daily basis and as a permanent approach. We are raising awareness of our systems be posting information about them on the website of our Personnel Department, including our tests of our safety confirmation system presupposing a disaster scenario, and of the best ways to make contact between family members when an emergency happens.

Initiatives for Improvement of Both Work and life

We are carrying out various initiatives that allows our employees to fully exercise their capabilities in and outside of the workplace and achieve self-realization by leading the life they wish. In the fiscal year under review, 55.0% of yearly paid vacation days were used at Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings and Taisho Pharmaceutical, with an average of 10.5 days used per employee. In addition, two vacation systems can be utilized in case of injuries or needs of nursing care for family members which requires a vacation of a week or longer.
One of which is the Refresh Vacation System with the aim of promoting mental and physical refreshment. The other system is the Stock Vacation System which allows employees to accumulate a maximum of 60 yearly paid vacation days. Employees can also use the system for relief efforts after a disaster and to engage in various volunteer activities, and have thus been utilized for the purpose of supporting the restoration of employees’ family homes damaged in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in April.

Health Management

To maintain and enhance the health of our employees and their family members, we work with our health insurance society to conduct several types of activities such as periodic medical examinations, specific health examinations, spouse health examinations (examination rate of 76%), and as a measure to prevent the onset of diabetes, have rolled out measuring instruments for hemoglobin A1c.
In addition, to cut down on employees working long hours, we promote monthly reports on overtime from the Personnel Department to each division, reinforce efficient work habits through workplace management and conduct face-to-face guidance by occupational health physicians.

Mental Healthcare

We have established a site on our intranet exclusively for providing all kinds of mental health information, and through an agreement with a counseling company, have created an environment where any employee can undergo consultation at any time.
Additionally, we are working systematically on early prevention of mental health disorders by having a system in place at each workplace that leads swiftly to analysis and improvement if and when an issue arises, while inviting employees to be aware of their own state of stress by conducting their own stress checks and facilitating meetings with occupational health physicians if employees so desire.