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Uehara Museum of Art

On 3rd November, 2017, Uehara Museum of Art reopened after extenshion in Shimoda, South of Izu Peninsula. The museum has two galleries - Buddhist Art Gallery (originally founded as Uehara Museum of Buddhist Art in 1983) and Modern Art Gallery (originally founded as Uehara Museum of Modern Art in 2000).

It’s collection has Buddhist art including sculptures and sutras from Nara to Kamakura Period, in addition, Modern Buddha statues and paintings at Buddhist Art Gallery. The exhibition room, newly constructed in 2017, provides an ideal environment for viewing Buddhist art and allows for the exhibition of national treasures and important cultural properties as well.
And, it’s collection has 19th-20th century European and Japanese paintings – especially Impressionists, Matisse, Picasso, Sotaro Yasui, Kunitaro Suda, Kokei Kobayashi etc. at Modern Art Gallery. The exhibition environment has the scale of a residential building, so that you can experience the artworks up-close and appreciate them in a relaxed manner.

The museum holds exhibitions that show mainly its collections, and cultural properties in Izu area, and so on. Also it holds lectures, workshops and many other activities to help improve culture in the region.

A visit by a local nursery school

The monthly Gallery Talk artwork explanation

Projects for Culture Promotion during the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2017

  • Three exhibitions held annually, mainly featuring collection works
  • Collection works lent for domestic exhibitions
  • Mr. Goro Yamada presented the lecture.
  • Museum newsletter issued
  • Curator holds a monthly Gallery Talk artwork explanation
  • Technique and arts workshops
    Buddhist-statute sculpture classes, sutra-copying classes, Japanese-painting classes, sketching and watercolor-painting classes, exhibitions by students from the Buddhist-art and technique workshops
  • Educational activities in collaboration with local schools
    School visits, guest lectures, workplace experience and in-service training, workshops, etc.

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