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With Society

Each company in the Taisho Pharmaceutical Group cooperates with local governments and other bodies as a member of the community, building trust with local residents and conducting various social contribution activities.

Promotion of Sports

Rugby Football

Since 2001, Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has contributed to the promotion of rugby, supporting the Japan National Rugby Football Union team as an official partner. Since 2002, we have also been the main sponsor of the Lipovitan D Challenge Cup, which invites national and other teams from overseas, and have supported the team’s European tour since 2013. We have also supported Japan’s men’s national rugby football sevens team since 2013 and Japan’s women’s rugby football sevens and union national teams since 2014.

Japan National Rugby Football Union Team ©JRFU,2017


Since 2013, Taisho Pharmaceutical has supported the dreams of the young people who are the future of professional baseball in Japan by sponsoring the television broadcast of the Nippon Professional Baseball Amateur Player Draft held by Nippon Professional Baseball. In addition, we help to expand the circle of friendship and goodwill among the children of the world through our support of the World Children’s Baseball Fair held by the World Children’s Baseball Foundation.

Nippon Professional Baseball Amateur Player Draft

26th World Children’s Baseball Fair in Toyama, International Exchange Games ©WCBF, 2016

Participation in and Cooperation with Social Activities

Aiming for a world free of hunger, we share the goals of the World Food Programme (WFP), an organization that conducts food assistance activities around the world. We have conducted supported activities since 2008 as a trustee of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme, an authorized nonprofit organization that supports WFP, and since 2009, we have supported WFP End Hunger: Walk the World, a support program in which the general public can participate.
Moreover, we have supported Junior Achievement Japan since 2005. This organization conducts support activities with the goal of cultivating socially self-reliant young people by helping them understand the structure of society and economic systems. In addition, we are now working on public awareness toward disaster prevention, as well as implementing day-to-day training and regional disaster prevention with disaster relief volunteer leaders to support efforts to prepare for large-scale disasters.
This support is provided through the Disaster Relief Volunteer Promotion Committee established based on the lessons learned from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

Relationship with the Local Government Where Our Headquarters Is Located

We work closely with the local government and police and fire departments where our headquarters is located to promote safety and security measures for the community. The Mejiro Area Special Organized Crime Prevention Countermeasure Consociation is a neighborhood consociation within the jurisdiction of the Mejiro Police Station, Metropolitan Police Department.
Its aim is to eliminate special organized crime within the jurisdiction of the Mejiro Police Station. We have participated in its activities since its inception.
In addition, we are a party to the Takada Area, Toshima City Mutual Support Agreement during Disasters, etc., which is an agreement of mutual support among eight organizations including resident associations, city facilities and companies around our headquarters that promotes disaster countermeasures in cooperation with the local community, including cooperation in evacuation drills for neighborhood facilities.

Factory Tours

Taisho Pharmaceutical’s Omiya, Okayama, and Hanyu Factories host tours for a wide range of generations from children to adults, attended by over 4,000 visitors annually. Tours explain the production processes for core products such as Lipovitan D and Pabron to communicate security and safety from a manufacturing site as an effort to share understanding of our quality control and environmental preservation activities.

In addition, the Omiya Factory invites Saitama Prefecture elementary school students to take interactive factory tours that leave a lasting impression in ways including teaching subjects that are closely related to the community, such as the history of Yoshinohara Industrial Park, and incorporating quizzes. Since 2009, we have also been conducting factory tours for elementary schoolchildren and their parents who live in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, where the Taisho Pharmaceutical headquarters is located.

Life Science Forums

We have been holding Life Science Forums since 1986 for science writers at Japan’s newspapers with the goal of providing the latest medical information. A total of 187 writers participated in the forum for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, which provided a wide array of life science information ranging from cutting-edge research topics to broad life science topics.

Promotion Code and Transparency Guidelines Formulated

Pharmaceutical companies must cooperate with medical institutions and other organizations at every stage from R&D through manufacturing and sales, and therefore need to ensure transparency and highly ethical conduct.
As an organization that handles pharmaceuticals, the Group therefore consistently ensures highly ethical conduct and transparency, and has established and institutionalized a promotion code for its operations that enables it to meet societal requests. It also discloses information based on the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association’s Transparency Guideline for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions and discloses information based on the Japan Self-Medication Industry’s Transparency Guideline for the Relation between the Activities of OTC Drug Companies and Medical Institutions.

Required Considerations in Pharmaceutical Research and Development

The discovery of outstanding pharmaceuticals requires wide-ranging research that employs human genes and cells and animal testing to confirm the safety and efficacy of new drug candidates.Pharmaceutical research and development therefore requires highly ethical standards with respect to life.
Research that employs human genetic analysis and cells requires sufficient consideration of issues in addition to scientific validity, including respect for human rights,commitment to safety, the protection of personal information, and bioethics. In accordance with internal regulations*1 that institutionalize these considerations, we conduct research after the fair and impartial deliberations of the Ethics Committee.
When conducting animal testing, the examination of testing details by the Animal Testing Committee, execution of testing, reporting of the conclusion of testing to the head of the research institution and relevant selfmonitoring are all carried out in accordance with the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals and other regulations and our internal regulations*2, which are based on the animal welfare concepts of the three Rs*3.
We have acquired certification of our internal animal testing facilities through a third-party organization, the Japan Health Sciences Foundation, which has verified the propriety of our animal testing.

  1. *1 Ethical regulations regarding the use of human genes and cells
  2. *2 Regulations regarding animal testing
  3. *3 Refers to replacement (the use of alternatives to animal testing), reduction (reduction of the number of animals used) and refinement (reduction of pain inflicted)

From Medical Safety Measures to initiatives toward extended healthy life expectancy

In the Taisho Pharmaceutical Group, as a pharmaceutical company we are actively involved with initiatives for medical safety measures. As regards prescription pharmaceuticals, in order to prevent dispensing errors or patients taking the wrong medicine, since 2007 we have been engraving the product name on each tablet in Japanese. We have also been engraving the product name on each Lusefi tablet, a treatment for Type 2 diabetes mellitus that was launched in 2014. Through these initiatives, we expect to significantly contribute to improving the treatment compliance of diabetes patients who have medication regimens involving multiple drugs.

To raise awareness of medical safety, in 2005 we began providing medical and healthcare workers with a toolkit for training about countering infections. Since then, we have continued to provide information about countermeasures for infections and medical safety-related information. On Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical website for healthcare professionals we provide a library that supports their activities to raise patients’ awareness. It includes a viewable DVD also suitable for the general public that covers the basic foundation of countering infections, including washing one’s hands, coughing in a polite manner, and adopting norovirus countermeasures. In addition, from this fiscal year the website is also introducing a toolkit* to support education and guidance about diabetes, with the aim of contributing to extended healthy life expectancy, from a wide range of viewpoints.
*This toolkit was created by the Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care.

Taisho Pharmaceutical’s Customer Hotline and Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical’s Medical Information Center

Taisho Pharmaceutical’s Customer Hotline has pharmacists, advisory specialists for consumers’ affairs and qualified hair advisors on staff to provide consultation for OTC drugs sold mainly at dispensing pharmacies and drugstores, quasi-drugs sold at convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail stores, and food products such as Foods for Specified Health Use.
Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical’s Medical Information Center provides consultation concerning ethical drugs. It cooperates with sales departments, development departments, research centers, factories and branches to actively provide information by courteously, honestly and quickly responding to customers to earn their trust. Customer feedback is collected in a database that provides useful information to relevant departments for product development and improvement and for service improvement.