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About Us

Contributing to the lives of people whose desire is to live a healthy and wealthy life.

Based on an unchanged philosophy since our foundation in 1912, we aspire to always satisfy the needs of the era.

A Message from Management

Message from Chief Executive Officer Akira Uehara.


Responsibilities of Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings as a pharmaceutical company.

Corporate Governance

The Company has adopted the implementation of an appropriate Groupwide business management framework as the basis for corporate governance. Accordingly, the Company has a structure in place to ensure that information is conveyed to the business management bodies of the Company and Group companies.

Internal Control

The Company has developed various in-house systems and regulations that provide the basis for internal control. It is working to promote Groupwide understanding and adherence to these systems and regulations, in order to ensure proper implementation.


The Taisho Pharmaceutical Group positions compliance as a key pillar of business management.

Risk Management

The Company promotes and supervises the risk management measures of Group companies to prevent the materialization of risk. In doing so, the Company aims to reduce risk exposure.

Corporate Data

Corporate data such as The location of Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings.


Introduction of main events from our foundation in 1912 to the establishment of Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings in October 2011.

Board Members

Introduction of Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings' board members.

Group Companies

Domestic and overseas group company information.

Our approach to tax

Introduction of the Taisho Pharmaceutical Group’s approach to tax.