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Sales and Marketing

MRs engaged in a wide range of activities have established relationships of trust with people in the medical field by Sales and Marketing that meets their needs.

MRs are professionals who respond to needs on the medical front

The Prescription Pharmaceutical Operation Group has strengthened its domestic sales structure and R&D organization in parallel. In order to further increase the company's market share in the fields of ''infectious diseases'' and ''inflammatory and immunologic diseases'', in 2002, the company established Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical, a sales company of prescription pharmaceutical products, jointly with Toyama Chemical. Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical is engaged in sales and marketing activities. Utilizing the advantages of both Taisho Pharmaceutical and Toyama Chemical, the company has established a structure to realize careful and attentive care and services for doctors, pharmacists and medical institutions, and MRs provide pharmaceutical information tailored to the needs of medical professionals.

In such a company, human resources are particularly essential. The training system at Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical starts with introductory education for new MRs, offering a wide range of programs responding to different career stages focusing on improving skills and motivation.

Though Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical focuses on the domains of infectious diseases and inflammatory-immunological diseases, the activities of MRs are assigned on the basis of neither domain nor product, with MRs involved in all products of Taisho Pharmaceutical Group, expanding their knowledge and expertise in wider fields. The MRs of Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical actively engage in operations as professionals who respond to needs on the medical front. At the same time, the Marketing Division collects information on clinical trial results of pharmaceutical products and needs of the medical front and feeds it back to the R&D Division, serving as a valuable information source for new drug development. While strengthening sales and proposal power of Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., there is a further strengthening of relationships with medical professionals, with the aim of expanding sales channels.

MRs around Japan taking part in a video conference, with the aim of providing a higher level of information by sharing product information and sales strategies in addition to presenting success stories.

The challenges of daily information provision activities are collected and discussed in groups. By mutually sharing challenges, they can be solved quickly.

The role of the Marketing Division is to understand the market and competitor conditions in addition to the challenges of Sales and Marketing by MRs and plan marketing strategies.