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Research and Development

Promoting strategic development targeting the global market by developing highly unique new drugs.

Promoting strategic development toward future growth

New drug development is heating up throughout the world. In the future, it is unlikely that a manufacturer will be able to survive without developing and continuously launching highly original new drugs. Our basic R&D strategy is to develop new drugs with a high standard of originality, focusing on ''infectious diseases,'' ''orthopedic disorders,'' ''CNS,'' and ''metabolic diseases.'' To achieve this goal, we have organized and improved our domestic R&D infrastructure, steadily strengthening our capability to develop new drugs for the global market.

While promoting in-house new drug development, we also promote alliances with Japanese and overseas companies to ''improve pipelines.'‘

Technology to search compounds having activities against the target molecule from hundreds of thousands of compounds: automation of high throughput screening process.

A measuring instrument to digitize the activities of target enzymes and receptors. Using the numerical values, promising compounds are then narrowed down.

Observing a 60nm (nano micron) biological specimen with a transmission electron microscope. Minute objects not visible with an optical microscope can be observed.

All research from basic research and exploratory research to research and development of OTC drugs and prescription pharmaceutical products are carried out in the Omiya Research Center.