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Sales and Marketing

Our sales force with about 700 SRs* offers timely information best fitting sales channels. *Sales Representatives

Attentive and careful sales activities and marketing focusing on brand development

Careful and attentive provision of information is indispensable to obtain understanding and support of Taisho Pharmaceutical Group’s products by consumers. This critical role is assumed by our Sales Representatives (SRs) who are responsible for delivering information to pharmacists and other professionals who directly contact and communicate with consumers in shops in a timely manner.

About 700 Taisho Pharmaceutical SRs follow up with retailers throughout Japan. Paying attention to details, SRs respond to the needs of individual channels and provide information to not only drug stores but also to convenience stores and supermarkets. In advertisement and sales promotion activities, we promote the recognition and understanding of our products through television, radio, newspapers, and other types of media, concentrating on ease of understanding and promoting a sense of familiarity. In addition, we developed a brand site on our company website where each brand is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Recently, an amendment to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law significantly changed the way to retail OTC drugs. Category I medicines with new ingredients and effects around Rx-to-OTC switch drugs especially promote the invigoration of the market. It is necessary for pharmacists to sell Category I medicines in person by providing explanations with written documents. For this reason, in consideration of not only effects but also safety, we have further strengthened the provision of information in shops by our SRs based on a direct sales system.

To gain more support from consumers in shops, we also focus on strengthening and cultivating our brand. As the leading OTC drug manufacturing company, we aim to win further market share in each segment, through acquiring brands such as the laxative ''Colac'' and throat lozenges ''VICKS,'' and developing them into core brands in the self-medication business.

Taisho Pharmaceutical's strength lies in its ''direct sales system.'' Market trends, product information, and software information can be directly communicated to pharmacists and other professionals.

It is important to take the viewpoint of a customer during sales promotions in shops. The manner in which products are displayed and our point-of purchase advertisements reflect the sensitivity of our Sales representatives.

During daily morning meetings, we reflect on sales activities from the previous day and reconfirm what should be done for the coming day. All sales staff then share a common understanding before going off to visit retailers.