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Research and Development

Promoting the creation of desired products focusing on three viewpoints of ''safety,'' ''effects,'' and ''convenience.''

Creating new markets by developing new domains and effects

Consumers desire drugs that ''can be used with a sense of safety,'' ''that are highly effective,'' and ''that are highly convenient.'' Our R&D activities in the self-medication business are conducted from these perspectives. ''Safety'' and ''effects'' are driven by Rx-to-OTC switch drugs. In terms of ''convenience'' we have developed products corresponding to ease-of-use by consumers such as bottled eye drops free of preservatives by employing special containers and fast-acting constipation suppositories.

Our activities in the self-medication business is to meet the diverse needs of consumers with new ingredients and effects by taking advantage of the development know-how we have accumulated as a drug manufacturer.

For quality evaluation, dissolution tests are provided to determine the amount of active ingredients released from dosage form (tablets or granules) over time.

Liquid extracted from raw materials is concentrated as pretreatment in the quality evaluation analysis.

Quantitative analysis to be done/conducted to secure the stability of active ingredients in dosage form drugs such as in oral liquids (drug stability evaluation).

All research from basic research and exploratory research to research and development of OTC drugs and prescription pharmaceutical products are carried out in the Omiya Research Center.