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The Uehara Memorial Foundation

Supporting the Future of the Life Sciences through Grants, International Symposiums and Other Means

In February 1985, the Uehara Memorial Foundation was established as a 70th anniversary project of Taisho Pharmaceutical to commemorate the footsteps of our honorary chairman, the late Shokichi Uehara. The objective of the Uehara Memorial Foundation is to promote research in pharmaceutical development and other life science fields to enhance people’s lives and welfare. The foundation has provided approximately 9,200 grants and other forms of assistance totaling ¥28.2 billion.

Support for Researchers

Activities have included research grants for professional life science researchers; grants for overseas study; the Uehara Prize, an award recognizing research accomplishments; and international symposiums.


The foundation promotes the life sciences by holding symposiums. In June 2017, the 12th International Symposium, based on the theme of “Make Life Visible,” was held.

The Uehara Prize and Grant Presentation Ceremony

In March 2018, the Uehara Prize presentation ceremony was held at Uehara Memorial Hall in the Second Building of the Taisho Pharmaceutical headquarters. The winner was Kunihiro Matsumoto (Emeritus Professor Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University) for his research on the theme of “Signal transduction mechanisms regulating development and differentiation in animals.” The joint award went to Atsushi Miyawaki (Deputy Director, RIKEN Brain Science Institute) for his research on the theme of “Technological innovation in bioimaging for medical research.”

Grants and Other Forms of Assistance Awarded during the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2018

Support for Research

Uehara Prize (Research accomplishment prize) Recognition of researchers in the field of life sciences actively engaged in original research that has produced notable accomplishments (Gold medal and supplementary prize value: ¥20 million)
Designated research grants Assistance for research in designated areas awaiting research progress (three-year grant, with research results announced at Uehara Memorial Foundation international symposiums) (Value: A ¥15 million, B ¥9 million)
Research grants Assistance for researchers based in Japan (Value: ¥5 million)
Research incentive grants Assistance for young researchers based in Japan (Value: ¥2 million)
Special incentive grants to promote research Assistance for professors who established independent life science and drug research labs (Value: ¥4 million)
Overseas research fellowships Assistance for young researchers who want to study overseas (Students with an annual income under ¥6 million)
Overseas postdoctoral fellowships Assistance for young researchers who have a doctorate or will obtain one by April of the following year (Researchers with no income)