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Terms and Privacy

This Website is produced and operated by Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company"). Please read the following Conditions Of Use carefully before using this Website. Once a person starts using this Website (hereafter "User(s)"), the user is considered to have accepted the Conditions of Use.

Content, etc.

Although content of this Website is based on information that is considered reliable, the Company does not warrant the integrity or accuracy of information contained in this Website. The Company is not, by any means, responsible for any damage incurred by Users for using or not being able to use this Website and its content.

Non-provision of medical information

Although this Website contains information on products produced and/or sold by the Company, this does not comprise information provision by physicians, as stipulated in the Medical Service Law. The Company does not, by any means, provide medical information (which is regarded as medical service, which can only be provided by physicians and/or medical practitioners), nor is the content of this Website intended to provide such medical service.

Copyrights, trademark rights, etc.

Images, text, slogans, illustrations, characters, sound sources, etc., as well as trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, designs, etc., contained in this Website, are properties protected by the Copyright Act, Trademark Act, international conventions and other laws, regulations and ordinances, belonging to the Company, its affiliates, or other entities that allow the Company to use them. Publication in this Website shall not, expressly or implicitly, be construed as the transfer or grant of any rights concerning these properties to Users.
Users are prohibited from using the content of this Website in such a manner as to infringe on the right of a third party, but are admitted to use it without any alterations for private use, etc., as far as permitted by applicable laws.


Links to third-party websites

Although this Website provides links to websites of other companies and organizations for the convenience of Users, these links shall be used at the User's discretion and the Company is not responsible for any issues concerning the linked websites, including the information contained therein, handling of personal information at those websites, etc.
The Company also has no responsibility for any third-party websites that are linked to this Website.

Links to this website

All the links to this Website shall be linked to the top page of this Website(http://www.taisho-holdings.co.jp/ ). The Company name must be written as ''Taisho Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. '' without any exception.

Investor information

Information for investors contained in this Website, as well as other information concerning the Company, its affiliates, its partners, and customers does not invite or solicit investment. Similarly, although this Website contains a link to a website providing stock prices, the Company is not responsible for the information provided by that website, as stipulated in the section above. The Company is not responsible for any decisions that Users make based on the information provided by this or any other website.

Modifications of this Website, etc.

The Company may alter or delete the content of this Website, or suspend this Website, without prior notice.


These Conditions of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive competent court of first instance for all disputes relating to these Conditions of Use.